Our sustainability journey

When we set up this website business, we did so with the desire to be environmentally responsible and therefore committed to regularly offsetting the carbon footprint produced by our website and workforce from the outset. We wanted sustainability to be our main goal.

We don’t believe people should have to chose between going green and price, so we in addition to offsetting our own footprint we commit to planting a set amount of trees for each client who signs up to our monthly management package. This easily covers any carbon produced by their website.

In just 6 months of trading, we have planted almost 600 trees and reduced over 18 Tonnes of CO2e by investing in certified climate projects around the World that remove more greenhouse gasses than our own carbon footprint puts in.

There are enough climate solutions that are out there right now, that if we supported them, it would undo 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 billion tonnes of CO2.

Pearson Web Services have already invested in the following projects.

Solar power in Maharashtra, India

Repairing water boreholes in Eritrea

Wind Energy in Andhra Pradesh, India

Preserving prime Brazilian rainforest

Preserving the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Guatemala

Providing clean energy through hydropower in Kanungu, Uganda

Geothermal power production in West Java, Indonesia

Protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea

In addition to this we have just become a Corporate Sponsor in a local project investing both time and money to conserve our local river – to protect the rivers that flow into it, the fish inhabited within, the wildlife reliant on it and the people around who enjoy it. If you would like to learn more about that click here.

We are a sustainable business that has minimal negative impact and in most cases a positive effect on the global or local environment