Our goals for going green

Below we have commitment to being an eco-friendly and sustainable business. This is how we achieve our goals for going green!

Office is 100% powered by renewable energy and is optimised to be fuel efficient with a mechanical heat recovery system which transfers excess heat from one room to another before using new heat energy

We only use certified green data centres

We offset the carbon emissions created by all our employees

We offset the carbon emissions created by our website activity

We offset the carbon emissions created by all our clients website activity

We commit to investing in climate positive projects around the World

We commit to investing time and money to local conservation projects

We use natural light where possible reducing the need to use the lights

We use LED lighting across the office, in our consumables and at home

We always use glass, mugs, ceramic and metal cutlery in lieu of any single use plastic

We commit to a paper free environment

We never use a kettle

Our office equipment (desks, chairs etc are second hand and we intend to refurbish rather than replace where practically possible)

We harvest rainwater to give to our eco-friendly office plants

We strive to buy locally sourced products/services/produce where practically possible

Break times are used for fresh air and exercise rather than watching TV

We make best effort to purchase plastic-free products both for the office and at home

We compost all food waste created both in office and at home – more information coming on our journey with a thermal hot box composter & poo composter

We think about our green goals every time we commit to a project not just in our professional life but in our domestic life too